Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE) is an assessment of the issues in dispute, designed to serve as a basis for further negotiations and to avoid the time, expense and anxiety caused by unnecessary litigation. An independent expert expresses an opinion on the merits of the issues raised by the parties. The opinion is not binding but gives you an unbiased evaluation of the relative strengths of the parties' cases, and guidance as to the likely outcome if the matter proceeds to a tribunal.

LEASE ENE is a service provided to subscribing registered social landlords, and their leaseholders as part of the the good practice guide project in Wales. If you are not sure if your landlord is a registered social landlord, then you can check in the dropdown list below. If your landlord is not a registered social landlord but you would still like to use LEASE ENE, then please email LEASE.

If the landlord is a social landlord in Wales then you can use this form to apply to LEASE ENE. The form asks for details for the applicant and the respondent. If you are filling in this form then you are the applicant. The other side (for example, your landlord) is the respondent.

The information you enter below, and all documents you give to LEASE in support of your submissions, will be made available to the respondent. It is your responsibility to make sure that you do not submit information which you do not want the respondent to see.